Production Equipment

Kaiwei Valve Group makes extensive use of Computer Numerical Control(CNC) machining center equipment, including CNC lathes, CNC drilling machines, and machining centers. The factory is also equipped with large vertical lathe and drilling machines. The advanced processing equipment and CNC management system ensure the quality and delivery of products.

Production Equipment Production Equipment

Testing Center

Kaiwei Valve Group has implemented strict QC measures starting from raw material incoming inspection, process inspection to final inspection. The company has a series of advanced testing equipment that are applied to every inspection control link.

Testing Center Testing Center

Product Site

Excellent quality comes from lean manufacturing and strict control of quality. Kaiwei Valve Group's ultimate pursuit of quality and a strong sense of responsibility urge the Group to adhere to the bottom line of quality with a more strict QC management system. Kaiwei Valve Group has a standardized production system and specialized production lines, where each production line has a clear division of QC management and an information database to ensure error-free operations at each link.

Product Site Product Site